In China They Eat Dogs movie plot

2022-10-18 17:40
The life of the bank clerk Avid is really not smooth. The relationship with his live-in girlfriend Hannah at home is messed up, and he is pointed at the nose by the customer for refusing the loan at the bank.
One day, he takes down bank robber Franz (Peter Gantzler) with a tennis racket, but the heroic feat does him little favor. He returns home to find Hannah running away with all the furniture, and is then beaten by Estrid (Line Kruse), who claims to be Franz's wife. It was learned from Estreid that Franz was in desperate need of money because he hoped to perform in vitro fertilization for his wife.
A guilt-ridden Arvid finds his criminal brother Harold (Kim Bodnia), who plot to rob the bank's money-truck, but things turn out unexpectedly. 
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In China They Eat Dogs quotes

  • Richard: [Richard just found out that bartender is a Devil] Dammit, I should've known... you little devil you... but I haven't seen you before!

    Bartender: It's also my first pick-up

  • Richard: Come with me, Arvid. You're going to heaven with me.

    Arvid: Heaven? What about the rock musicians? I killed a whole rock band!

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