Moonlight Mile movie plot

2022-10-18 20:09
The story takes place in Massachusetts in 1973, and Joe (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a heartbroken man living there. Once, he also had a perfect life, and his fiancée Diana (Careena Melia) was about to enter the wedding hall hand in hand. However, in a cafe, Diana became the unprovoked victim of a shooting incident. , Diana's death threw Joe into despair in an instant.
Although Diana is dead, Joe still lives with Diana's parents, Ben (Dustin Hoffman) and Zhou Zhou (Susan Sarandon). Ben and Zhou Zhou have long regarded Joe as their family. They invited Joe to participate in the local real estate construction and management work together. In order to get rid of the mental pain, Joe put all his energy into his work   .
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Moonlight Mile quotes

  • Joe Nast: That song at the bar, that was your's?

    Bertie: He never actually heard it... but

    Joe Nast: ...But he knew you pretty well?

    Bertie: About 60%

  • Bertie: Oh shit, I gotta pee!

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