Mansfield Park movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
Although he has lived in Mansfield Park since he was a child, everything here cannot make Fanny (Frances O'connor Frances O'Connor ornaments) feel a touch of kindness. The status of being under the fence made her feel the warmth and warmth of human feelings when she was young. Fortunately, with the care and company of the kind Edmund (Jonny Lee Miller Jonny Lee Miller), Fanny was able to keep the small piece of pure land in her heart. The talented Fanny likes to record her inner thoughts and feelings through words, and it is her biggest dream to become a writer.
The arrival of Henry (Alessandro Nivola) and Mary (Embeth Davidtz) broke the quiet life in the manor, and the London experience made the two brothers and sisters used to enthusiasm and unrestrained spirit The expression of affection is rare in Mansfield Park. Soon, Edmund's attention was attracted by the beautiful Mary. At the same time, Henry seemed to like Fanny very much. Facing this sudden change in life, Fanny didn't know what to do   .
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Mansfield Park quotes

  • Sir Thomas Bertram: Tom! You will do as I say!

    Tom Bertram: What, and do as you do? Even I have principles, sir.

  • Edmund Bertram: And has your heart changed towards him?

    Fanny Price: Yes. Many times.

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