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2022-07-09 17:24
The 2012 classic remake of the movie "Therese Raquin" is a love triangle that leads to a grudge. The film is adapted from the 19th century great writer Zola's novel of the same name, Le Naturalisme , which was first filmed by Marcel Carne in 1953. In this costume film directed by Charles Stratton, Tom Felton and Elizabeth Olsen take on the characters of French writer Zola.
The story of Therese Raquin takes place in Paris in 1867. Therese, played by Elizabeth Olsen, is forced by her aunt (Glenn Close) to marry a wealthy but demanding cousin (Tom Felton). Unable to endure the dull life after marriage, she fell into an extramarital affair with her husband's friend Laurent, but paid a heavy price for it.
The former little Malfoy Tom Felton continues to play the villain in this film, in the film and "rookie" Elizabeth Olsen partner - frail but paranoid husband Camille. Tom Felton is best known for her role as Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, while Elizabeth Olsen is a famous American actress who has attracted attention for her role in Martha Marcy May Marlene .
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    Camille: There's nothing more depressingly calm than a Sunday afternoon.

  • Grivet: [about Therese] It's always the ones in the corner you have too worry about.

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