Innocent Voices evaluation action

2022-07-09 22:08
The movie "Voces inocentes" (Innocent Voices), co-produced by the United States, the United Mexican States and The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, made a big splash at the Berlin Film Festival, winning the "Crystal Bear Award" for best picture, which is very close to the audience. The idea is exactly the same, because there is no other movie that can teach people to mix laughter and tears, sadness and joy like "Voces inocentes", which makes the audience burst into tears and smile with the warmest applause. "Winning" isn't all that important to Voces inocentes, which was nominated for ten Best Picture Oscars in the United Mexican States ; most importantly, more people saw the Movie.
Oscar naturally and vividly wrote about his unusual childhood, because all this is always fresh in his memory, like every song banned by the government, and every song that accompanied him through his bitter childhood. friend. His work immediately attracted attention from all sides, and everyone who read it burst into tears.
In 2002, Oscar, who went to work in a TV station, met Luis Mandoki, a director of the United Mexican States who was active in Hollywood , and he recommended his work to the director. The director was deeply moved by Oscar's story and decided to make it into a Movie, he said: "The most valuable thing about this true story is that it tells a story that has gone through vicissitudes of life., takes us into a neglected and forgotten world. I decided to direct "11 Years of Innocence" to let the world know how terrible and cruel war is. "
If a good movie needs an excellent script to support it, what could be more exciting than a true and human story? If the child isVision, then what is more important than letting him grow up in peace, free from poverty and war? And this is even just a humble and fundamental need for children in some corners of the world. Voces inocentes is one such, A good Movie that can resonate with you and me, you can watch it, it is definitely more meaningful than winning more awards. 
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  • [repeated line]

    Chava: I'm the man of the house.

  • Uncle Beto: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Chava: Just one.

    Uncle Beto: [laughing] Just one.

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