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2021-11-15 08:01
"In the Mood for Love", with its unique film language and narrative mode, as well as the unique style characteristics of Wong Kar-wai's unique mark, realizes the perfect combination of form and content. Through the unique film narrative mode, the film exudes a refined temperament and long-term connotation. Wong Kar-wai shot the simple story in the film to be euphemistic and moving. The story of the film is not redundant from beginning to end, and the pictures and editing of the film appear clean and tidy. In dealing with the narrative of the story, Wang Jiawei cut out the trivial details and transitional plots, and only explained the results of the plot to the audience through the emotional picture and the language of the characters, thus giving the audience more space for imagination and thinking. In terms of character processing, there are only ten characters in the whole movie. This simplified method of character processing can make up for the shortcomings of the actors’ performance, and at the same time it can highlight the protagonist’s performance and the focus of the character image, allowing the protagonist to get more attention from the audience. force.
In the film, the most colorful and expressive part is the cheongsam on the protagonist Su Lizhen. The ever-changing color of cheongsam on Su Lizhen not only reflects the subtle changes in the character's psychology, but also enhances the lyrical meaning of the film's theme. The ever-changing color of cheongsam forms a sharp contrast with the dim picture tones. The color changes of cheongsam against the background of gray and dark tones are more expressive and the metaphorical effect is more obvious. Through the change of color, the film metaphors the change of the character's psychology and emotion, thereby indirectly deepening the theme, making the theme of the film more subtle and obscure.
Through the movie "In the Mood for Love", Wong Kar-wai has created a melancholy and gentle nostalgic atmosphere. Through sad and obsessive music and colorful pictures, as well as the simplified dialogue and storyline of the characters, the viewers continue to question and think, a lot of The blank space also allows viewers to interpret and imagine the film from multiple angles and perspectives from their own perspectives and ways of understanding.
Wong Kar-wai shows the complexity and subtlety of human nature through an ordinary story, and through the meticulous pursuit of scenes, props and costumes, the whole movie fully expresses the style of that era. At the same time, in the expression of the film, Wong Kar-wai vividly and vividly expressed the national color, national characteristics and the color of the times through a unique expression technique, thus fusing into a unique nostalgic temperament, which has also become the film’s success  .
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  • Martina 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Japanese flower cloth, one piece is a picture. The kimono is very complicated, and the loose patterns on the fabric are often buried, but the Chinese cheongsam with simple lines is made, which gives a clear impression. The leaves of the palm tree are half-covering the small Burmese temple, and the rain is pouring, it is a reddish-brown tropical. In the pond in early summer, a layer of green film is formed on the water, with duckweed and purple and white lilacs with broken stems, as if it should be filled in the small order of "Mourning Jiangnan". There is another piece, on a white background, a large purple flower of Yin Qi, dripping with water. There is a dark olive-green silk with a large black shadow passing over it, full of wind and thunder. There is also a kind of silk material, pale lake color, with wood grain and water pattern, every other section, two plum blossoms the size of tea bowls float on the water, silver hooks and iron scratches, like the colorful glass windows of medieval churches, red glass Embedded with heavy iron edging - for the non-speaking, the clothes are a carry-on drama

  • Amparo 2021-11-15 08:01:27

    They are in the mood for love, but not in the time and place for it. The script is very interesting. It sets up a pair of men and women who have no scenes in the movie, but reminds Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen not to have sex all the time. , So the dull men and women in Wong Kar-wai's lens, the empty room is full of a kind of unavailable lust, the extremely omitted narrative, the soothing and elegant cello soundtrack is too good

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    Title Card: It is a restless moment. She has kept her head lowered, to give him a chance to come closer. But he could not, for lack of courage. She turns and walks away.

  • Caption: That era has passed. Nothing that belonged to it exists anymore.

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