In the Mood for Love behind the scenes gags

2021-11-15 08:01
  • During the filming of the film, Tony Leung couldn't bear the appearance of combing his hair. Once, Tony Leung’s oily hair combed for three days could not be washed off, and later he used dishwashing liquid to clean his hair.
  • Originally, all the roles of the film were played by Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, including the other half of the male and female protagonist, the landlord, and passers-by. However, it was too difficult to film, so the director Wong Kar Wai gave up.
  • As part of the scenes in the film were supplemented, the cheongsam prepared for Maggie Cheung at the beginning of the filming was not suitable, so the crew chose suitable cloth to make it. In this way, Maggie Cheung wore more and more cheongsam, and finally exceeded 20 sets.
  • The scene in Angkor Wat did not originally have Maggie Cheung, but Maggie Cheung still followed the crew to the filming location in order to see Angkor Wat.
  • During the filming of the film, Wong Kar-wai did not know which one would be the last shot. Later, due to time constraints, Wong Kar-wai set the last shot to be the scene where Maggie Cheung was crying alone.
  • In the early days of filming "In the Mood for Love", Maggie Cheung often couldn't grasp Wong Kar-wai's filming orientation, so she asked Wong Kar-wai questions every day; while Tony Leung laughed and said Maggie Cheung was like a "problem girl."
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  • Nick 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Wong Kar Wai is really boring. One word, cheap. In the Republic of China, speaking Shanghai dialect was really domineering. It made Hong Kong people stunned for a moment. It was Guofu dialect after all. Now it is the lonely king. Hey, one emperor and one courtier. The last letter was typed, saying that if he could go back in time, the man would go back to those lost years. Awesome, works perfectly. I will go back too, for sure

  • Raleigh 2021-11-15 08:01:27

    I always wanted to write a short comment on it, but then I learned that when you love something too much, words are so scarce.

In the Mood for Love quotes

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    Title Card: It is a restless moment. She has kept her head lowered, to give him a chance to come closer. But he could not, for lack of courage. She turns and walks away.

  • Caption: That era has passed. Nothing that belonged to it exists anymore.

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