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2022-04-17 08:01
Since November 12, 2016, the film has been screened on a small scale on 63 screens in 53 theaters. The opening weekend mobilized 32,034 audiences and earned 47,042,090 yen at the box office   . On the fourth weekend of its release, the number of screens for the film expanded to a mid-level of 87, mobilized 46,108 viewers, earned 67,914,220 yen at the box office, and mobilized a total of 328,618 viewers, with a cumulative box office revenue of 450,740,140. Japanese Yen   .
On January 4, 2017, the box office of the film exceeded 1 billion yen   and began to be released on a large scale. On January 15, the film was expanded to 177 screens, mobilized a total of 1,086,669 audiences for ten weeks of its release, and accumulated box office revenue of 1,341,737,430 yen   . As of January 22, 2017, "この世界の風に", which has been released for 11 weeks, has mobilized a total of 1,188,000 audiences and accumulated box office revenue of 1.567 billion yen   . As of February 12, the film was released for 14 weeks, and the scale of the film was expanded to 289 screens, mobilizing a total of 1,566,000 audiences, and accumulative box office revenue of 2,046 million yen   .
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  • Carolyne 2022-04-17 08:01:01

    Artistic cartoons in bold type (such as flying subtitles). The emotions are completely fragmented, and they refuse to be blunt and provocative. Instead, they guide the audience into a corner of the hillside overlooking the military port of Wu City, and receive sentimentality from a distance. For example, animation is the processing of film/reality, and the film constantly revolves around this rhetoric, with almost no traditional representation of war. Reminds me of a short poem by Abbas: The road was abandoned many years ago but the wildflowers seem to know nothing.

  • Alysson 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    Extremely disappointed, a work with an anti-war theme but a blindfold self-immersion and whitewashing of Japan's defeated countries. Only from its own standpoint, ignoring the evil deeds committed by the aggressor country, and trying to win sympathy only with a picture of civilians struggling to survive. True anti-war thinking should not stop there. Perhaps the supervision skills are not enough, or the position is completely whitewashed. I prefer the former.

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