In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World

  • Director: Sunao Katabuchi
  • Writer: Sunao Katabuchi,Fumiyo Kono,Chie Uratani
  • Countries of origin: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: November 12, 2016
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World
  • "この世界の風に" is an animated film directed by Sunao Katabuchi , dubbed by Non and others. It was released in Japan on November 12, 2016.
    The film is adapted from the manga of the same name by Shidai Kono, and takes Hiroshima at the end of World War II as the stage.   .


    • Release date November 12, 2016
    • Production companies Mappa, Genco

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    • By Isom 2022-04-22 07:02:00

      one star reviewer

      If people make a film that involves World War II, they must "apologise to the victimized country first to show their sincerity." If they don't make it into "Hiroshima, Hiroshima" or "Wu Shi Wu City", they will be sorry for Nanjing, sorry for China, and sorry for the victimized countries all over the world. Then you are To watch a movie or to humiliate others to enjoy yourself? Let's not say how deeply the director wants to hide the intention of exoneration, but of course, it should be a life...

    • By Francisca 2022-04-22 07:02:00

      Using the seemingly warm plot, there is no lower limit to whitewash.

      The seemingly mild and confused heroine is simply the hypocritical character of the Japanese self-proclaimed peace-loving. We can't ask a housewife to have too much political and historical concept, but the director made the film because he wanted to see the big from the small and did not reflect at all, as if the Japanese people were restrained and modest during the war. How can it be? ! War is the most test of human nature. It seems that the husband is a gentle person, what is the matter...

    • By Gudrun 2022-04-22 07:02:00

      In the end, she asked why she lost the battle, which is worth pondering.

      The skills are very superb, comparing real life with the fantasy world of the little confused heroine, and strengthening the depression and despair a hundred times. There is one thing at the end that makes people feel shitty in an instant: the emperor delivered a speech on defeat, and the heroine cried, "We actually lost the battle? We have suffered for so long, but we lost the battle." On the one hand, the character's point of view does not equal the author's point of view. As an ordinary...

    • By Shaina 2022-04-21 09:03:53

      The quality of a movie is the difference between the high and the low; the political orientation is the difference between the left and the right

      DS has been banned.

      Who is the film responsible for?

      Movies are responsible to their creators.

      Creators are responsible to investors.

      Investors are responsible for the box office.

      What is the box office, the box office is money.

      By Abigayle 2022-04-21 09:03:53

      0 marks

      From the Poison movie: "In This Corner of the World" claims to be an anti-war movie, but the whole movie doesn't mention the matter of Japan's war. A person who does not understand history will think that Japan is pure like a white lotus after watching this film, and it is completely a victim of war.

      Director Piaoyuan Xuzhi has shaped the characters in the film into loyal fans of the state apparatus, and dedication to the country has become the spiritual belief of these people,...

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    • By Grayce 2022-04-24 07:01:27

      Why dare not face history, Japan may never have a true anti-war movie. Hard life for civilians under war? I only think of the compatriots in Nanjing who died tragically in purgatory. Also, Nenian's dubbing...

    • By Camilla 2022-04-24 07:01:27

      Just as a technical aspect of an animated film, it deserves 4 stars, with a fresh style of painting, gentle narration, and delicate characters. It shows the difficulties and helplessness of ordinary people in the cruel war with a warm story. But these warmth and hope, no matter how you look at it, have the taste of whitewashing Japan's war crimes, it seems that it can't be scored zero, so give it one...

    • By Peyton 2022-04-24 07:01:27

      Forgive me for only giving such a low score. After reading it carefully on the way home, I feel very heavy. Indeed, the physical and spiritual disasters brought to the people by the war are indelible. But it is very unacceptable that the film blurs what Japan did to other countries during World War II and cannot express it objectively. The style of painting is very fresh, but the worldview of the whole film is in a way of weakening the mistakes that Japan has made, which is...

    • By Janick 2022-04-24 07:01:27

      There is a family where the man likes to go out to kill, arson, rape and loot, and his wife and children cheer for him from behind. Too many people were harmed by his family, so the victims united and beat him up. The family quickly hid at home and cried, saying "we are innocent, we are victims". Victim's...

    • By Britney 2022-04-24 07:01:27

      It really is the threshold for a true portrayal of the brilliance of human nature. The threshold for the brilliance of human nature is really lower every year. Human nature brilliance can be achieved at every turn. Do you dare to be worse than the Chinese people at the same...

    Background creation

    Director Sunao Katabuchi has been planning and preparing for the film since 2012. In order to ensure the authenticity of the film, he made a special trip to Hiroshima and spent a lot of time studying historical details   . Due to insufficient funds, the producer launched a crowdfunding campaign on the crowdfunding website from March 9th to May 29th, 2015 with a target of 20 million yen (equivalent to about 1.184 million yuan), a total...
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    Box office results

    Since November 12, 2016, the film has been screened on a small scale on 63 screens in 53 theaters. The opening weekend mobilized 32,034 audiences and earned 47,042,090 yen at the box office   . On the fourth weekend of its release, the number of screens for the film expanded to a mid-level of 87, mobilized 46,108 viewers, earned 67,914,220 yen at the box office, and mobilized a total of 328,618 viewers, with a cumulative box office...
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