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2022-03-14 08:01
"Interiors" has a strong Ingmar Bergman atmosphere, which is reminiscent of Bergman's film "Shout and Whisper". The film is a family film full of dramatic tension, the complex changes in the relationship between the characters are maintained until the last shot, and the plight of modern intellectual women is deeply reflected in three daughters and a mother. However, in the final part of the film, Parr, a woman from the ordinary class, has an overall victory in this intellectual family. The film is radically different from all of Woody Allen's previous work, and goes exactly the way of Bergman, tragically exploring the intractable problems of modern families. The film completely abandoned Woody's already formed comic style of comedy, and laid the foundation for Woody's future work combining drama, tragedy and comedy   .
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  • Coby 2022-03-23 09:03:29

    Please don't learn Bergman again.

  • Krista 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    A good film that is still reminiscent of many days after watching it, not to mention Bergman, just say the film itself: great! The eldest daughter has the talent that the second daughter envy and the intimacy of her mother, but she is not recognized and loved by her father. The second daughter is her father's caring heart, but she loves her mother the most, and almost left with her. She is a painful woman who is full of emotions, delicate and emotional, but cannot turn her experience into talent. The third daughter, almost no one loves her, she lacks love so much that even her brother-in-law wants to hook up. This parent is very successful in the secular world, but the relationship is very poor. This mother is suffocating, and it is very clear from the beginning of the movie. She is extremely controlling and self-centered, but in the end, she is the one who destroys her! The footage of walking into the sea is shocking! As a woman, what did I learn? no. Revelation is everywhere. No conclusion could be drawn.

Interiors quotes

  • [repeated line]

    Eve: I think it's exquisite.

  • Pearl: I prefer a warmer climate. I even lived in Australia for a year with my sister Faye, when Adam died, but I went nuts! It's dead there.

    Mike: I was in Sydney, Australia, once.

    Pearl: Was I lying? Did you like it?

    Mike: Well it was just a vacation you know. I was only there a coupla days.

    Pearl: Lucky. It's like a morgue. Nothing to do at night; no pizzazz. I couldn't take that.

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