Into the Storm behind the scenes gags

2022-01-04 08:01
1. Actors spend most of their time dealing with man-made wind and rain. They have to be drenched most of the time, or at least look like this. To achieve this, the hair department used leave-in conditioners for the actors.
2. The movie takes place in cloudy weather, but shooting in the Greater Detroit area in midsummer means that there are 25 sunny days a month, so the crew uses two to three construction cranes every day, each of which can support 40*60 feet of charcoal The color grid cloth protects the entire shooting site from sunlight.
3. Sarah . Callies , who plays the role of climate expert Alison Stone, both parents are climate experts. In addition, Sarah read at least 100 pages of professional information and watched at least 200 films when preparing for the film.
4. The car " Titus Flavius ​​Caesar Vespasianus Augustus " used to chase the storm in the film was built in Detroit, the city of automobiles, and Kustom Creations, which built standard car prototypes for the three major automakers, contracted to build "Titus Flavius ​​Caesar Vespasianus" from scratch. The task of "Augustus" starts with the modified Dodge convertible minivan chassis.
5. There is a setting throughout "Into the Storm", that is, the camera can be seen everywhere. The storm chasing car "Titus Flavius ​​Caesar Vespasianus Augustus" has 24 cameras. In addition, mobile phone cameras and other video tracking devices also make the lens ubiquitous.
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  • Beulah 2022-04-23 07:03:09

    Although they are all third-rate actors, the special effects are not ambiguous at all. It is really not that kind of shoddy film. The money is spent in the right place. Compared with "Tornado" with the same theme more than 10 years ago, it is still obvious that the film's visual effects have improved.

  • Karelle 2022-04-02 09:01:05

    Just for the uncle, the film was shot like a small cost

Into the Storm quotes

  • Allison: Hey... gentlemen... guys, you can't stay out here. You have to get indoors.

    Donk: So do you guys actually get paid to do this shit? Man, I'm in the wrong job.

    Reevis: You don't even have a job!

  • Pete: [on the phone] It's going to be big.


    Pete: I don't know how big. They're tornadoes, they don't do courtesy calls.

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