Into the White evaluation action

2022-02-04 08:12
"Into the White" is a very simple film, so simple that there are no complicated colors in the film. What fills the picture is the white snow between the sky and the earth. "Into the White" is a particularly restrained film, restrained to the point that there is no magnificent soundtrack in the film, and the sound of music is laid lightly under the screen. But behind this simplicity and restraint, deeper and heavier emotions are flowing.  
The frame of "Into the White" is not only a war space or an aesthetic space, but also an ethical space, and its humanistic mirror color and intellectual temperament have a natural affinity. This also shows that the ethical space of war or turbulent times contains strong ideological and cultural values. The ethics of film is the key word to show the complex artistic expression.  
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Extended Reading
  • Andrew 2022-02-04 08:11:52

    A story without a star is worth savoring! The scenery and the story are also in perfect harmony, and the cold winter has a cruel beauty!

  • Lane 2022-03-22 09:03:04

    Interesting anti-war movie. The warm-blooded and determined little German soldier and the gentle British young master are all typical characters. The downside is that the two people were surprisingly calm when they first met (or the people of England and Germany can be so friendly).

Into the White quotes

  • Gunner Robert Smith: Hey Skunky! How come you're not cold? Maybe you're too fucking stupid to feel cold.

  • Gunner Robert Smith: [on Hitler] What the fuck does he want with China?

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