It's Such a Beautiful Day movie plot

2022-06-28 23:35
The film is a synthesis of Herzfeld's first three stickman short films. The protagonist Bill's struggle with his own psychological shadow is represented by a simple pencil animation. The seemingly random and fragmented satire quickly brings the audience into the protagonist's unknown disease like a brainstorm. induced isolation. The emotionless narration acts as the protagonist's inner monologue and normalizes the absurd and bizarre. The occasional reality scene interrupts the character's memory and deals a heavy blow to his short-lived optimism. 
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It's Such a Beautiful Day quotes

  • Narrator: The next thing you know you're looking back instead of forward. And now, at the climax of all those years of worry, sleepless nights, and denials, Bill finally finds himself staring his death in the face, surrounded by people he no longer recognizes and feels no closer attachment to than the thousands of relatives who'd come before. And as the Sun continues to set, he finally comes to realize the dumb irony in how he had been waiting for this moment his entire life, this stupid awkward moment of death that had invaded and distracted so many days with stress and wasted time.

  • Narrator: He woke up the following morning and thought his room looked different. His mouth was bleeding; four of his teeth had fallen out in the night. They looked sorta like dog teeth. Everyone in the supermarket looked like some sort of demon, and they all had gigantic bacteria ridden crotches buried in all the god damned produce.

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