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2022-02-04 08:23
When Steve James was invited to shoot a documentary about Roger Ebert, despite his admiration for Roger as a film critic, Roger also had a profound impact on his career   , but he wasn't sure he really wanted to tell Roger's story, and didn't change his mind until he read Roger's memoirs. Because Roger's life was full and exciting, his unusual thirst for adventure convinced Steve James that he deserved a documentary   .
In the early days of filming, Roger thought he was free of cancer, but when filming entered a critical period, he learned that his time was running out. Steve James asked him for his opinion, and Roger decided to continue filming, because he wanted to show the audience a real self from the beginning, including of course him in the face of death. Roger died before the film was finished  .
Steve James made his friendship with co-star and rival Gene Sikos an important part of the film, and although Roger has co-hosted the show with others since Sikos's death, the film makes no mention of these. In fact, he was going to at least also cover the story of Roger's collaboration with Richard Roper, but Roger died while he was planning to interview Richard. He studied his previous interviews, sorted out the structure of the film, and found that Gene's decision to hide his condition from his wife after he learned that he had cancer had a profound impact on Roger, and he realized that Roger must be explored from here. encounter. So he decided to focus on Roger's show and relationship with Gene, and left out the story of Roger's collaboration with the other partners   .
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  • Alexa 2022-04-23 07:05:57

    I can't bear to see Roger's final appearance, it would be more appropriate to translate it into a play, such as life.

  • Preston 2022-04-23 07:05:57

    Is it because life is like a play, or is the movie too neat? Complete, impeccable! ! !

Life Itself quotes

  • [Siskel and Ebert are on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" seated next to Chevy Chase]

    Johnny Carson: Is there something out there that is really so bad?

    Roger Ebert: I can't really recommend ¡Three Amigos!. It's the Christmas picture I like the least.

    [audience groans]

    Johnny Carson: This is the happy hour. I don't think I'd ask you if I knew you were gonna say that.

    Roger Ebert: Chevy Chase has made a lot of good movies, and God willing, he will make a lot more good movies in the future.

    Chevy Chase: With your help.

    [as Ebert continues to talk, Chevy begins miming Ebert behind his back mockingly; the audience is giggling]

    Roger Ebert: There is a tendency for somebody... who is naturally funny, as Chevy is, to try to get laughs by standing there and ad-libbing when somebody else is trying to talk!

  • Ava DuVernay: I was, I think, I was maybe eight or nine or something, and my Aunt Denise, who was a massive film geek, who passed her film geekdom onto me, found out about these rehearsals for the Oscars, and one day he walked through. And I remember saying, "Thumbs up! Thumbs up!" screaming, screaming, and he came over. I grew up. I made this film when I was 34 years old. It was the first film I ever made. The film was about my aunt, my aunt who took me to the Oscars that day. And about losing someone that you love. And it was Ebert's review that really got to the heart of what I was trying to articulate. And just touched me so much, that I sent him the picture from the Oscars. His reply was, "We were both younger then." The next day, a blog post turned up where he wrote, in a very heartfelt way, about his own aunt who kind of gave him the gift of art and film as well. You know, I broke down crying, and it was a mess. It's dangerous as a black woman to give something that you've made from your point of view, very steeped in your identity and your personhood to a white man whose gaze is usually the exact opposite, and to say, you are the carrier of this film to the public. You're the one that's gonna dictate whether it has value. And you had a lot less fears around that with Roger. Because you knew it was someone who was gonna take it seriously, gonna come with some historical context, some cultural nuance. I mean, everybody knows Roger had a black wife. You know what I mean? You know. He's like an honorary brother. I mean, you live with a sister. That's a whole different understanding of black women, right? So maybe you watch my film differently.

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