Life Itself movie plot

2022-02-04 08:23
At the age of 15, he wrote stories for local newspapers, worked part-time at the Chicago Sun-Times in college, and was occasionally assigned a job as a film critic. Some people may feel lucky to be a film critic in the 1960s, because newspapers were the main way for people to get information at that time, but judging from the era of Ebert's debut shown in the film, the newspapers at that time handled film reviews very casually. , and some even shared a signature, and whoever watched the film wrote it at will. And Roger seems to be born to do this, "within 30 minutes, he can easily come up with a well-thought-out film review".
In 1975, Roger won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, which was the first time the award was awarded to a film critic, which not only affirmed him, but also greatly improved the status of film critics. Roger and the Chicago Tribune film critic Gene Sisko co-hosted the TV show Sisko and Ebert Talks Movies, a huge success with novel formats and original insights, covering more than 100 TV stations across the United States channel. But the program received more than just positive reviews. Some film critics' discussion on TV "made film reviews vulgar", and objectively made films that did not get their reviews to be treated coldly. But it is undeniable that many film creators were "discovered" because of this show - the director of "Heaven's Gate" recalled that the film was released during a newspaper strike, and not a single New York newspaper published an opinion on his work. Commentary, it was the "Sisko and Ebert Says Movie" show that saved him from disaster. The first strong support that director Martin Scorsese has received since filming came from a commentary written in 1967. When Martin fell into the double lows of his career and life, and almost planned to give up his life, it was awarded by Ebert and Sisko. The contribution award reinvigorated him.
Ebert has changed the critics and the film industry to a certain extent, but he has been personally changed by life itself. Ebert and Sikos didn't get along well at first, but over time they became close friends; when he was young, he was ridiculed by friends for his bad taste in choosing a girlfriend, and later he reaps a happy marriage; The problem brought a lot of trouble to Ebert. Although he was plagued by diseases in his later years, once he watched movies and wrote movie reviews, he would temporarily forget the pain and indulge in the wonderful spiritual world.  .
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  • Linnea 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Quite vividly shows the life of Roger Ebert, including the relationship with his old partner Gene Siskel, who is also a friend and foe, and his relationship with his wife. As the film draws to a close, Ebert's life gradually withers, but he still presents an optimistic attitude and a proper sense of humor. This rich emotional expression allows us to see Ebert outside the film critic, and life itself is the most Wonderful drama.

  • Ona 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Even for fans (?) who don't know Roger Ebert, this is a moving and sincere masterpiece. The power of the film is that it is not immune to the after-movie feeling, but it is much more peaceful and calm. The most moving passage is the rivalry and mutual sympathy between Ebert and Siskel. Ebert's life is every fan's dream, and he will always be there. See you in the movie.

Life Itself quotes

  • Roger Ebert: From the day the Chicago Tribune made Gene Siskel its film critic, we were professional enemies. For the first five years we knew one another, Siskel and I hardly spoke. When Gene and I were asked to work together on a TV show, we both said we'd rather do it with someone else. Anyone else.

  • [Siskel and Ebert are on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" seated next to Chevy Chase]

    Johnny Carson: Is there something out there that is really so bad?

    Roger Ebert: I can't really recommend ¡Three Amigos!. It's the Christmas picture I like the least.

    [audience groans]

    Johnny Carson: This is the happy hour. I don't think I'd ask you if I knew you were gonna say that.

    Roger Ebert: Chevy Chase has made a lot of good movies, and God willing, he will make a lot more good movies in the future.

    Chevy Chase: With your help.

    [as Ebert continues to talk, Chevy begins miming Ebert behind his back mockingly; the audience is giggling]

    Roger Ebert: There is a tendency for somebody... who is naturally funny, as Chevy is, to try to get laughs by standing there and ad-libbing when somebody else is trying to talk!

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