The Forger movie plot

2022-02-04 08:22
This film starring John Travolta ( John Travolta ), the plot describes John Travolta's Ray Cutter, who was an artistic genius in the past, but also inherited his father's "good tradition" and became a smart criminal. In order to accompany his sick son, he Pay to get yourself out of jail early. In order to repay the corporate consortium that paid for him, Ray decided to gather his father and son together to do the last "big case". The world's best art forger, Raymond Cutter (Tara Volta), strikes a deal with a criminal organization that gets Raymond out of prison early while Raymond completes a deal. An impossible criminal task - forging a famous painting by Claude Monet , stealing the original from the museum, replacing the fake in the booth, everything has to be perfect, unwittingly.
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  • Iva 2022-02-04 08:22:17

    It is a family ethics film. The sturdy grandfather is very impressive, but the intensity is not enough. The crime plot is too weak. Even so, I still give four stars to encourage the entry point of this film to family emotions.

  • Gregory 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Father's love warms the heart. . . Travolta is really old, alas. .

The Forger quotes

  • Raymond Cutter: Grilled cheese?

    Will Cutter: Yeah.

    Raymond Cutter: Why?

    Will Cutter: I dunno. My stomach hurts.

  • Will Cutter: I just never see you guys hug, or say you love each other.

    Joseph Cutter: Yeah, well I don't do that. But he knows.

    Will Cutter: You sure?

    Joseph Cutter: I didn't tell your grandmother either. But she knew. Why? Because words don't mean shit in this world, Will. It's what a person does for you that counts.

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