Ittefaq movie plot

2022-04-16 08:01
Author Vikram's wife and lawyer Shekha are killed in the same night after another. He and lawyer's wife Mayaare targeted by police as suspects, but both insist the other is the murderer. With the deepening of the police investigation, the evidence of Maya's derailment was obtained, and her lover was confirmed to have appeared at the scene of the crime. All kinds of evidence pointed the death of Shega to the two of them, but the police did not reduce their suspicion of Vikram. Doubt.
In order to confuse the sight of the police officer Dev, the two suspects do everything possible, Maya is a scheming girl who deliberately seduces Vikram into the game, and an innocent housewife who is being held hostage by a fugitive. Vikram is sometimes an outlaw who kills Shekha, and sometimes a hapless man who strays into the murder scene and is caught by Maya as a scapegoat. The police officers under Dev also frequently made oolong operations, which caused repeated delays in the detection of the case   .
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  • Gracie 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Originally, the previous suspense was well done, but the revealing part felt weak. In fact, it's a bit unconvincing to change shoes in crime movies. Is everyone's shoe size so coincidental? The author's book is so bad, and suddenly the real crime story is so well written? Regarding the murder of lawyers, the writer is so calm, he made up a perfect crime in a short period of time and changed his shoes in time? The police elder brother seems to be very experienced and judgmental, but it turns out to be tasteless! Did the Indian police stop the plane from taking off so far behind? Shouldn't it be a few phone calls? It's too embarrassing for the writer to call the police. At that time, the plane may have been detained before taking off, and in fact, this kind of takeoff can also be stopped, unless the water is deliberately released.

  • Alberto 2022-04-22 07:02:01

    There are suspense and reversals that should be there. The overall rhythm is very tight, and the second half is quite catchy, but they are all descriptions and imaginations, not amazing enough, not advanced enough, and there are many loopholes. Although the final ending is reversed, it gives the feeling of a scribbled ending and lacks stamina.

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