Ittefaq evaluation action

2022-04-16 08:01
"Ittefaq" is a suspenseful crime film with multiple reversals. The film has no singing and dancing, plug-ins and lengthy length. The plot focuses more on suspense and logical reasoning. Through the testimony of multiple witnesses and various clues at the crime scene, the film leads the audience into the plot of the case described by the hero and heroine   .
The multi-faceted performer's dedication to blasting the high-energy contrast of acting skills has achieved the ultimate reversal. The elegant writer was a puppy puppy one second before, but the next moment he "goes crazy" because of the high-pressure interrogation, and his demeanor is lost. The innocent big-eyed girl Maya was just a simple little white rabbit, but in a blink of an eye, she was revealed to be cheating on her husband and even framing others. The two faces of these high-value actors switch at will, climaxing one after another, reversing constantly, the high-value actors are playing together, and the 105-minute fast-paced progress is hearty   .
In Hindi movies, detective movies are a rare kind of movies, and good works are even rarer. "Ittefaq" is an innovative film, not a remake of the title, but it's as tense as the original. Like the original, the 2017 version made some mistakes during this investigation. But in the end, the movie has enough tricks and twists to satisfy thriller fans. The film is a good substitute for the audience into the case, allowing the audience to think along with it. It's a thoughtful thriller, the only downside is that it doesn't present the details of the case in great detail and order. The script of the film is somewhat incoherent, but it does not affect the overall effect of the film. The film closely revolves around suspense and climaxes and turns, bringing a lot of surprises to the audience   .
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  • Evangeline 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    A story is repeated with different confessions to see which version the audience is more willing to believe. It is said that the bottom-level police in India are still arresting people with bamboo sticks and often sleep during working hours. #20180219

  • Della 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Originally, the previous suspense was well done, but the revealing part felt weak. In fact, it's a bit unconvincing to change shoes in crime movies. Is everyone's shoe size so coincidental? The author's book is so bad, and suddenly the real crime story is so well written? Regarding the murder of lawyers, the writer is so calm, he made up a perfect crime in a short period of time and changed his shoes in time? The police elder brother seems to be very experienced and judgmental, but it turns out to be tasteless! Did the Indian police stop the plane from taking off so far behind? Shouldn't it be a few phone calls? It's too embarrassing for the writer to call the police. At that time, the plane may have been detained before taking off, and in fact, this kind of takeoff can also be stopped, unless the water is deliberately released.

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