Mephisto movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
Backstage at the Hamburg Kunststück, where the lights are bright and the stage is lively, Huffgen, the actor at the theater, is agonizing over being a second-rate actor. Soon the theater invited famous actor Niebuhr as the protagonist, and Niebuhr introduced his girlfriend Barbara to Huffgen. Huffgen begins to pursue Barbara. He came to Berlin through Barbara, and also found his friend Ulrichs to play a revolutionary drama, conquering the hearts of Berlin workers in one fell swoop. Hitler came to power just as Huffgen was on the rise. He fawned on Lindenthal, the mistress of the Nazi general, and obtained the role of Mephisto in the play "Faust". Huffgen played the devil in such a majestic manner that the Nazi general admired him and soon promoted him to the Berlin State Theater. manager. In order to thank the imperial general, he was ingenious, suspended the performance for three days, and held a grand celebration in the theater for the general's birthday. After the celebrations, the general took him to the empty sports field, made him stand in the center of the square, turned on the searchlights in all directions, the blinding lights shone directly on Huffgen's face, he showed an expression of pain and despair, and he shuddered hoarsely. Voice: "What do you want me to do? I'm just an actor!"
In "Faust", Mephisto is actually the pseudonym of Satan the Devil. In "Faust", he tried to lead the great Faust astray, but in the end Faust chose to benefit mankind, and the soul was not taken away by Mephisto after death. And ascended to heaven   .
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  • Rosalee 2022-04-19 09:03:17

    1. I'm just an actor! 2. It is not easy for a small person to become a celebrity, and it is very difficult to climb all the way, but in the face of powerful political forces, you are nothing.

  • Marcella 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    I like the second half of this movie, it's really slow

Mephisto quotes

  • Hendrik Hoefgen: Am I not the most dreadful villain you have seen?

  • [Hendrik stumbles upon some soldiers beating up a Jew]

    Hendrik Hoefgen: They must be drunk.

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