The Firemen's Ball production and distribution

2022-06-29 22:02
Publisher: Cinema V
Release date: December 15, 1967 Československo
The release/release date of "Horí, má panenko"
Country release/release date (details) Československo
Czechoslovakia December 15, 1967 France
France June 15, 1968 Sweden
Sweden August 19, 1968 Denmark
Denmark 22 August 1968 USA
USA September 29, 1968 Finland
Finland April 18, 1969 West Germany
West Germany January 2, 1970 West Germany
West Germany October 9, 1986.(re-release) Spain
Spain November 10, 2004.(Sevilla International Film Festival)
Production Company:
Carlo Ponti Cinematografica [Italy] Filmové Studio Barrandov
Standard Collection [US]Cinema V
other companies:
Filmový Symfonický Orchesr
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The Firemen's Ball quotes

  • Franta, Committee Member: We can't see anything from here, guys. We'll have to go to the balcony to see real busts.

  • Ball Emcee: Attention please! Attention please! I ask all the chosen candidates for the beauty contest, all these comrades, should come to the room behind the bar. I repeat: behind the bar!

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