The Magician evaluation action

2022-06-28 22:25
The film, which brought Bergman the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival , is a metaphorical allegory in a comedy package. The film borrows Vogler's deception process, which contains multiple inner meanings. There are a lot of satire and content aimed at critics and the bourgeoisie in the film. Of course, there are also religious propositions of Bergman, which also question and doubt the existence of God and the real communication between people. Du Lin's masquerade (Wogler's wife in the film) is astonishingly handsome, and is equally as commendable as Sido's performance. 
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The Magician quotes

  • Johan Spegel: [Vogler has come across a sick man lying in the forest near the road] Good day, sir. My name is Johan Spegel. I am very ill, as you can see. Would you alleviate my suffering with a little brandy? For brandy is my infirmity, but its remedy too.

    Johan Spegel: [Vogler gives the man some brandy, which seems to revive him] I am an actor. In fact, a member of the famous Stenbourg troupe. But my illness has put an end to my career.

    Johan Spegel: [Vogler helps the man to his feet, whereupon Spegel takes a closer look at Vogler] Are you an actor too?

    Johan Spegel: [Vogler mutely shakes his head "no"] Then why the disguise? Your beard is fake, and your eyebrows and hair are dyed. Are you a swindler who must conceal his true face?

  • Tubal: [the magician Vogler and his entourage have been detained at Consul Egerman's residence for an informal questioning before they will be allowed to perform their act in the town] All of you keep quiet. I'll do the talking.

    Tubal: [goes and sits down by Granny Vogler] I must especially ask Granny to keep her trap shut. And another thing: Granny can make things jump around. Granny knows what I mean. Tables go flying, chairs fall over, lights go out. We all know Granny's tricks, but be good and behave... for all our sakes.

    Granny Vogler: Yes, I understand... perhaps.

    Tubal: God, this woman makes me nervous. Remember what you did in Ostend?

    Granny Vogler: No, I don't believe I do.

    Tubal: Granny's tricks are out of date. They're not amusing, and they can't be explained. Granny ought to be dead.

    Granny Vogler: [chuckling] Ah, those were merry times in Ostend.

    Tubal: I was thrown in the clink, Vogler was fined, and Granny was flogged in the town square. Yes, those were merry times in Ostend!

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