The Enemy Below movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
In the South Atlantic during World War II, Captain Thomas Müller (Robert Mitchum) begins a pursuit when the American destroyer USS Haynes uses radar to track the signal of a German submarine. Thomas Müller was the captain of the freighter, but was torpedoed and sunk as the captain of the Haines, with many recruits on board.
German Captain Steinberg (Ked Jurgis) is also a good ship fighter. He was ordered to merge with the raider to retrieve the British code, so he has been sticking to the route, but Thomas Müller saw it and followed him.
Thomas Müller was afraid that he would be surrounded by the German fleet instead of missing the ammunition, so he bombarded with depth charge every hour to wait for reinforcements to arrive. The German submarine was forced to the deep seabed in order to escape the pursuit. Due to the constant bombardment of the American ships, the German crew could not bear it. Captain Shi used a march to boost morale, which was even more bombarded by the US sonar detection. Haines was also hit hard, and Thomas Müller pretended to abandon the ship to lure the German submarine to the surface so that the submarine could collide with the bombardment of the submarine.
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The Enemy Below quotes

  • 'Heinie' Schwaffer: I don't see how we could have missed at that close range.

    Von Stolberg: We shouldn't have. This American captain is no amateur. Well, neither am I.

  • Doctor: Captain Murrell oughtn't to be here at all. He's as weak as a kitten. A man that gets his ship torpedoed and spends 25 days on a raft in the North Atlantic oughtn't to have to hit the ball again with only a few days in the hospital. I guess there aren't enough commanding officers to go around. Well, at least they gave him an easy ship.

    Lt. Bonelli: Huh! Boy, easy's no word for it. Listen, he'd get more rest on this boat...

    Lieutenant Ware: Ship!

    Lt. Bonelli: Ship, boat, what's the difference? He'd still get more rest here than he would if he were in a feather bed. Me, I'd like something to happen once in a while.

    Lieutenant Ware: If the Navy ever gets a load of this salty crew in battle, they'll send us all back to boot camp. I'll look so ridiculous with my head shaved.

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