I've Loved You So Long evaluation action

2022-03-25 08:01
"I've Loved You So Long" is a typical French film, the two heroines are full of charming and unique atmosphere, but the way the film is told makes the viewing process a little boring   .
The film inherits the style of screenwriter Philip Claudel's simple brushstrokes to construct complex situations of characters and life, but the film does not adopt the traditional bitterness, but shows French humor from time to time. Thomas's wonderful performance in the film is also really convincing   .
"I've Loved You So Long" is a touching and can be said to be extremely sensational literary film, with the unique taste of European films. The themes of family affection, conscience, friendliness, and redemption in the film are both right and left   .
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  • Sammy 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    The suspense of the movie is not complicated, many people have guessed it. It is still necessary to carefully watch every second of the light, video and audio. "Pain is more indescribable than sin." It was love that redeemed it all. This is, of course, a female movie. The identity of a mother is inherently more tolerant than a man, so it is more forgiving and powerful. The two leading actors are great, KST needless to say, the aura is from beginning to end; the surprise is AZ, especially like her various breaths (shame)

  • Reid 2022-04-02 09:01:15

    Bedtime movie'' pretending to be peaceful, the sharp and turbulent family under the surface' she must be very painful,' I'm glad she didn't despair and didn't refuse to let beauty flow into my heart, slowly re-listen to the world and find the strength of life' People are fragile But also able to rebuild oneself to be able to rediscover something to stand the test of gain and loss and misfortune''

I've Loved You So Long quotes

  • Léa: The novel's narration is impersonal and incomplete, as he refused to give one world view. He knows it's multiple, that intentions are multiple as are truths.

  • Léa: We were there! Didn't we matter?

    Juliette Fontaine: Do you think others matter then - that one cares what they think or do? You were all well and alive! You belonged to the kind one comes to hate for the mere fact that they are there.

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