I've Loved You So Long evaluation action

2022-03-25 08:01
"I've Loved You So Long" is a typical French film, the two heroines are full of charming and unique atmosphere, but the way the film is told makes the viewing process a little boring   .
The film inherits the style of screenwriter Philip Claudel's simple brushstrokes to construct complex situations of characters and life, but the film does not adopt the traditional bitterness, but shows French humor from time to time. Thomas's wonderful performance in the film is also really convincing   .
"I've Loved You So Long" is a touching and can be said to be extremely sensational literary film, with the unique taste of European films. The themes of family affection, conscience, friendliness, and redemption in the film are both right and left   .
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I've Loved You So Long quotes

  • Juliette Fontaine: The worst prison is the death of one's child. You never get out of it.

  • P'tit Lys: The prince went slowly through the forest. His beautiful horse was silent. The sky was taking on the color of roses. "Will I be in time?" the prince wondered. He remembered what the magician had told him. "Night is your only enemy. Once it has cast its cloak of darkness over the world and you cannot tell the shadow of a dog from that of a wolf, you will know it is too late and that your beautiful lady is lost forever. Hurry if you love her." The prince's heart was pounding.

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