I've Loved You So Long movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
In Nancy, France, Joliet, who was imprisoned for killing her 6-year-old biological son, stood in front of her sister Lia again, which also brought subtle changes to the happy life of her sister's family: An unpopular older sister has grudges and wants her to move out as soon as possible; the younger sister spares no effort to help her re-enter the society, but it brings heavy troubles to her mentality; the two adopted children are strangers from the beginning to Gradually, he fell in love with this aunt who likes to smoke and love to be silent; the father-in-law whose sister had a stroke was locked in his room all day to read, but he did not object to a new tenant who was as silent as him. Slowly, my sister integrated into the living environment here, found a new job, made new friends, and her family fell in love with her. At this moment, my sister accidentally discovered the truth of her sister's murder of her son 15 years ago   .
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  • Norberto 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    There is no mother who doesn't love her own flesh and blood, and the movie starts by telling us that the heroine killed her 6-year-old son 15 years ago and just got out of prison, and everyone betrayed her relatives; only the little sister secretly felt sorry for the big sister, but she was also very secretive about her behavior. I don’t understand and don’t dare to ask; after being released from prison, my sister stayed at her sister’s house for a while, and the whole family felt unfamiliar and indifferent to this aunt who suddenly appeared. The sensitive question cannot be avoided: why was she sentenced to so many years, and why did she kill her own flesh and blood. How should she explain and reconcile with her sister-in-law and their daughters (my sister seems to have the shadow of her sister's marriage and childbirth and has never wanted her own children to travel thousands of miles to Vietnam to adopt Asian girls) Over the years, she has been ignorant of this fact Without saying a word, when everyone pressed her at a friend's party to ask her why it took so many years for her to appear, she told the truth, I was sentenced to 15 years for murder and everyone heard that she was joking and laughed. She confided to her sister in pain: there is no excuse for death. The death of a child is the deepest and deepest prison (for mom)

  • Emilio 2022-04-01 09:01:18

    Everything in the movie is for KST, especially those two hours of lukewarm drama. The performance is so perfect, it's a pity not to be nominated.

I've Loved You So Long quotes

  • P'tit Lys: The prince went slowly through the forest. His beautiful horse was silent. The sky was taking on the color of roses. "Will I be in time?" the prince wondered. He remembered what the magician had told him. "Night is your only enemy. Once it has cast its cloak of darkness over the world and you cannot tell the shadow of a dog from that of a wolf, you will know it is too late and that your beautiful lady is lost forever. Hurry if you love her." The prince's heart was pounding.

  • Léa: The novel's narration is impersonal and incomplete, as he refused to give one world view. He knows it's multiple, that intentions are multiple as are truths.

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