Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles evaluation action

2022-07-06 19:02
"Jeanne Dillman" details the experience of a housewife for two days and three nights. The fixed camera position, long shots and few lines, no close-ups, and out-of-focus practices are more "anti-film". To a certain extent, it is similar to "Horse of Turin", and this "set in stone" also creates a shocking ending. The whole film can be said to have no style, but it is full of style. Melodrama, experimental drama, minimalism all come together at this moment. The portrayal of middle-class women, and the rallying cry for feminism, is reminiscent of Fassbender and Godard   .
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Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles quotes

  • Sylvain Dielman: Aren't we going to listen to the radio today?

  • Sylvain Dielman: [Referring to his friend Yan] He bought a book that explains lots of things about climaxes and orgasms. He says we should be interested in women at our age, but he doesn't want some young girl. He says a man's penis is like a sword. The deeper you thrust it in, the better. But I thought, "A sword hurts." He said, "True, but it's like fire." But then where's the pleasure?

    Jeanne Dielman: There's no point talking about these things.

    Sylvain Dielman: He's the one who told me everything when I was 10. I said, "What? Dad does that to Mom?" I hated Dad for months after that, and I wanted to die. When he died, I thought it was punishment from God. Now I don't even believe in God anymore. Yan also said it wasn't just to make babies. So I started having nightmares so you'd stay with me at night and Dad wouldn't have a chance to thrust inside you.

    Jeanne Dielman: You shouldn't have worried. It's late. I'm turning out he light.

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