The Story of Adele H evaluation action

2022-07-06 18:21
The film is by no means a simple love movie. Adele's pursuit of free love is admirable, but her life experience as a woman is even more shocking. What Adele pursues is not pure love anymore. In fact, deep down in her heart, what she resists is all the repression of being a woman   .
Truffaut successfully created the heroine's infatuation and unrepentant personality, and Adjani also made the heroine's neuroticism vivid and vivid  .
The master of the film is just right. At the same time, Adele's paranoid pursuit of illusory love secretly shows a human need that cannot be expressed directly: madness, illusoryness and addiction, which makes the film and Adele's image extraordinary. Charm  .
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The Story of Adele H quotes

  • Adèle Hugo: I'm your wife. Forever. We'll stay together until we die.

  • Adèle Hugo: You are so handsome, Albert. You deserve to have all the women on Earth.

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