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2022-07-06 12:43
The video is based on a true story. In 1850 in New York, United States, a young woman asked the police for help. She was Hugo's daughter Adele, who lost contact with her family because she ran away with her lover. Before, Adele fell in love with a British lieutenant, Hiramatsu. Hiramatsu went to Halifax with the army. Adele went with Hiramatsu despite the opposition of her family. The lieutenant was fired on the spot for violating unit rules, and the two split after years of living on Adele's money. Penniless Adele was sent back to her father, and Hugo died before Adele. Adele has been in a mental hospital since then and has never said a word. More than a century after Adele's death, she left a diary of correspondence and ciphers, and in 1968 American author Frances Verno Quill published her biography  . Director Truffaut finished reading the biography and came up with the idea of ​​making a film featuring Adele Hugo as the protagonist  .
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The Story of Adele H quotes

  • Adèle Hugo: I'm your wife. Forever. We'll stay together until we die.

  • Adèle Hugo: You are so handsome, Albert. You deserve to have all the women on Earth.

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