Julieta evaluation action

2022-01-29 08:11
The narration of the film is carried out in the form of reality and interludes, but the shortcomings are more obvious, the plot is circuitous, the suspense is not solved, the burden is abrupt, and the motives of the characters lack reasonable explanation. The whole movie is as if a bunch of tricks and metaphors have been picked out of the director's treasure chest and rearranged, with neither freshness nor passion.
Director Pedro Almodóvar Caballero is not logical enough about Julieta and Antija's mother-daughter relationship. The movie keeps trying to tell the audience that there is a bond between the two, but it barely shows it. And when the character of Antia finally disappeared, the audience hardly noticed her leaving. The last part of the film has a plot that reveals the truth, but there is too little foreshadowing before, and it does not bring a sense of shock.
While Pedro Almodóvar Caballero's work becomes a hodgepodge of references and imitations that show his high artistic taste, Julieta's hodgepodge of randomness is especially unsatisfactory. The restrained to the absurd soundtrack, crisp cinematography, and discreet color palette harmonize the audition, but the whole film doesn't feel like a unified whole.  
The story of the film is very regular. Unlike the director's previous works, which have a plot of transgender and mixed, the focus of this film is to pursue a woman's complete and rich emotional world. Gender emotions are an important but not the only auxiliary line. In this auxiliary line It happens that there is a female protagonist and a man with a wife. The film starts from the mother-daughter relationship and brings out the memories of the deceased lover. In fact, the director is pursuing a woman's complete and rich emotional world. a spiritual world. It is shown by the director from a female perspective, which is extraordinarily complex and charming.  
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Extended Reading
  • Grayce 2022-03-21 09:03:22

    4.5 Almodovar's color and setting couldn't be more charming, and the atmosphere grasp is first-class [romantic, sad, painful, disturbed], and the transition is smooth and free, without the slightest break. The blue sorrow and the red love are two sides of the same body. In the life of the heroine Melodrama, they gather and separate, adding a layer of narrative beyond the story level.

  • Reymundo 2022-03-21 09:03:22

    In Cannes, it was a rare fight for the audience to win the second game of "outdated" Almodovar, and I saw Monroe's best story being made as it should be by the best director I really can't stop crying, why is the evaluation so low? Why is it always criticized for being old when a director is really mature?

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