Kristy movie plot

2022-07-16 16:15
It's another year of Thanksgiving holiday, and the once bustling college campus is suddenly empty. In the empty campus, there is a slightly lonely and boring figure, her name is Justin (Haley Bennett), who is forced to stay at the school because of the high air ticket prices and academic and subsidies. Not long ago, she said goodbye to her beloved boyfriend, and even her dorm friend who had promised to accompany her temporarily ran home for the holiday. Justin was bored to pass the long time, but did not expect the danger approaching her. Recently, the city where Justin is located has successively disappeared female college students who are addicted to partying. Somewhere, Justin drove to a nearby supermarket to go shopping, but unexpectedly, he ran into a very unfriendly woman (Ashley Greene played by Ashley Greene).
Justin managed to escape back to the dormitory, but the nightmare began, and Thanksgiving was stained with terrible blood   .
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