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2022-02-04 08:15
The protagonist of "La Luna" is a little boy, one night his dad and grandpa take him in a wooden boat to the sea far from the shore, a huge surprise awaits the boy who finally discovers the secret of their family's mysterious work the truth! But the next question is in front of him, should he continue the work according to the old tradition? Or do it your own way?
The story is simple, and it only takes 7 minutes to portray all the details to near perfection. After reading such a short story, I feel warm in my heart, like holding a hot water bag in the cold winter. I still think over and over again of my grandfather's long beard, my father's short beard that almost covered his mouth, and the little boy's just-fitting cap. In a few minutes, it not only presented the aesthetic and childlike side, but also revealed the contradiction between the tradition and innovation of the three generations of La Luna. There is not a single line that can be understood in the whole story, and the little boy did not participate in any disputes, but the key knock was the moment of witnessing his growth, and he was recognized by what should be "authority". Unconsciously, I still compare it with the juvenile pie. The scene in the film that moved me is precisely the fact that pie memorized a few blackboards of pi in order to prove his name, and finally won his name and the respect of others, and as a new pie His father also taught him that if he believes in so many religions, it means he has no faith, but you know, these are all processes of groping. Without these beliefs, perhaps. there would be no such story. It may be a bit off-track to be involved in another completely different type of story, but there are too many things to delve into on the topic of growth, and the animation of "La Luna" allows all audiences to feel its gorgeousness. 
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  • Frederic 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    Students with intensive phobia should be careful.

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    Beautiful things are worth imagining and believing

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