La Luna movie plot

2022-02-04 08:15
Under the dark blue night sky, in the middle of the quiet and deep sea, a boat called "La Luna (La Luna)" swayed. There are three generations of grandparents on the boat, a grandfather with a long white beard, Kong Wu's strong father, and a little boy with big clear and bright eyes. The grandfather gave the grandson a hat, which seemed to symbolize the beginning of some important ceremony, and for the boy, maybe it was the proof that he became a man. It's just that since ancient times, generations have been interdependent, but there is always a gap in thought, and it is the love of blood that cannot be separated. Before you know it, the full moon emitting a milky white light rose from the sea and suspended in the night sky. Dad set up the ladder, and the boy climbed up with the anchor on his back. It turned out that it was the stars all over the moon's surface that shone through the universe, falling like meteors, adorning this beautiful asteroid. 
Cloudy and sunny, just like an eternal agreement. 
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  • Antonio 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    I still like the hand-painted style~ But it's really romantic~

  • Derick 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    My heart beats for you.

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