Green Street Hooligans 2 movie plot

2022-10-17 20:33
Immediately after the"Climax, several members of West Ham United FC and many members of Millwall FC are imprisoned. They quickly discovered the brutality of prison life, where ardent fans were punished or rewarded with beatings, an extra bath or visit, which inspired some extreme behavior. Due to the overcrowding of the prison and the release of some of the lucky ones, fate saw West Ham United FC take on Millwall FC, and this time the stakes are clearly the highest, because freedom is their more needed goal.
The film is called "2 Prison Gangs" (Green Street Hooligans 2), and the story tells the rough experience of three West Ham United FC fans in prison: bullied by the dark forces in prison, and the backer of the deadly enemy is a woman Prison guards "special lady", they soon discovered the hardships of prison life, others have backgrounds, but they have only backs.
Under the shadow of violence, blood and cruelty, they did not give in, punk-like optimism and self-confidence drove them to fight. The ending of the story was flawless. Due to the overcrowded prison, some outstanding performers needed to be released early, leaving only three A quota for early release became their bet, and the three troubled brothers were finally released from prison. The yearning for freedom enables them to bring out the team spirit they had in prison to the fullest   .
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Green Street Hooligans 2 quotes

  • Big Marc: [to Dave, Keith and Ned] Is it just the three of you minding the shop? What would little Petey say about that? Oh yeah - we fucking killed him.

  • Dave: [after taking a beating from Big Marc] You're no Pete Dunham.

    Big Marc: Oh, you missing your little Petey are ya?

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