Total Eclipse negative comment

2022-03-16 08:01
"Total Eclipse" is based on Paul Verlaine's perspective to interpret his love affair with Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud. Therefore, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud in the film is also subjective because of Paul Verlaine's eyes, including a slightly vague Feeling jealous. However, since the return of Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud's foot tumor, the film has been transformed into a male version of Lolita, and the beauty is straight   . ()
There are a lot of same-sex and opposite-sex sex scenes in the film, which to some extent help reveal the characters' characters and destiny, but there is no doubt that the presentation of these sex scenes is more to cater to the public In order to earn as much box office revenue as possible. However, such exposed camera language is bound to leave a vulgar impression in the minds of some audiences, thereby weakening the artistic appeal of the film, and even giving the public a bad impression of Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud and his poetry   .
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Total Eclipse quotes

  • Arthur Rimbaud: Do you love me?

    Paul Verlaine: What?

    Arthur Rimbaud: Do you love me?

    Paul Verlaine: Yes...

    Arthur Rimbaud: Then put your hand on the table.

    Paul Verlaine: What?

    Arthur Rimbaud: Put your hand on the table.

  • Arthur Rimbaud: Let the 98 wounds of our savior burst and bleed.

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