The Ice Harvest evaluation action

2022-03-21 08:01
Any such black crime films usually win with unexpected plots and expressions. The film is still a qualified black crime film without any special features within the black category. In this confident and sincere film noir, the characteristics of black crime are vividly reflected, and the rhythm of the film is very tight. At the beginning of the film, it did not tell the criminal process of how the huge sum of money was obtained, but directly used this huge sum of money to change hands and the hero faced various changes in the face of friends, enemies, and lovers, as well as several changes in his psychology. It can be described as twists and turns and climaxes one after another, making it difficult for the audience to guess the relationship between the characters and the final direction of the huge sum of money, firmly grasping the hearts of the audience. The whole story is compact and concise, without any sloppiness, and the plot setting is quite coherent. It can be seen how well the director has grasped the rhythm. The film not only has a high entertainment effect, but also makes people feel helpless with the various faces exposed in the face of wealth between people in the film, which are all due to human nature. The performances of several actors shine in the film, especially John Cusack, which suits his physical appearance and acting style well. The addition of Connie Inge-Lise Nielsen has greatly increased the focus of the film, and several appearances have given people an amazing feeling.
The filming method of the film is different from traditional noir films. The solid lens language makes the visual aspect full of modern flavor. The choice of some perspectives not only reflects the atmosphere of Christmas Eve, but also highlights the inner urgency and unknown sense of the characters. The author of the movie, Scott Phillips, is also a screenwriter while writing novels. Therefore, his novels are also full of movie-like pictures. The pictures of the film have enough vivid expression, and the composition of the pictures is clean and concise. The old-fashioned photography techniques and quiet expression make the picture style reflect a rare black humor philosophy, which is worth pondering carefully. In short, after this novel full of dark comedy was made into a movie, the crime plot, character characteristics and festive atmosphere of the original work were perfectly displayed   .
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Extended Reading
  • Lorena 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Film noir, a bit like a snowstorm but inferior. The male protagonist killed his partner and his lover and ran away with money. He thought he was knocked down by a car and hung up at the end, which is even more tragic.

  • Leonor 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    bad movie. . . . Sieve Movie. So many loopholes.

The Ice Harvest quotes

  • Pete Van Heuten: [waking up in back of Charlie's car] Ugh... Where are we?

    Charlie Arglist: We're in heaven, Pete.

    Pete Van Heuten: Oh... They got pancakes?

    Charlie Arglist: They got everything.

    Pete Van Heuten: Good.

  • Charlie Arglist: It's Christmas! Everyone's nice on Christmas!

    Vic Cavanaugh: Only morons are nice on Christmas.

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