Total Eclipse movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
In 1870, at the age of 16, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaudsends a collection of poems written by himself to the French symbolist poet Paul Verlaine. Paul Verlaine wrote in reply: "My poet, come here."
Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud left his mother and family for the first time, from the country to Paris to find Paul Verlaine. Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, who first met him, was vulgar, arrogant, arrogant, and often acted oddly. At a poetry reading, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud taunted the poet leader Aika, and chased him to the point of utter disgrace. Paul Verlaine laughed, but didn't stop it. At Paul Verlaine's house, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud even insulted his father-in-law unceremoniously and smashed his old man's beloved antique as a prank. Paul Verlaine doesn't blame him, but appreciates his sharp-edgedness. For Paul Verlaine, the presence of Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud sparked a revival of his inspiration. Whenever poetry is discussed, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud's speech is always so radical and avant-garde, Paul Verlaine is quickly conquered by the genius of Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud. When the two got to know each other, they gradually became inseparable, and the relationship developed from mutual appreciation to a different kind of emotional light.
The two poets are thus united. Paul Verlaine runs away from home and embarks on a journey of freedom with Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud. They went to the wild to play and watch the sunset together. Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, who saw the sea for the first time, was very excited, and the two hugged tightly.
In Brussels, Belgium, Paul Verlaine can't help but reunite with his stalking wife Mathiere. However, with a look and a whistling from Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, who was about to escape secretly, was drawn back to him. On the train, Paul Verlaine secretly left his wife again.
The two lived a shabby life in London. Once, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud again called Paul Verlaine a cheap face at the window, and Paul Verlaine, who could not bear it, left. Facing Paul Verlaine who was on board, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud cried and said sorry, but it was too late.
After a meeting, the relationship between the two broke down. Paul Verlaine hesitated on the verge of escape, but Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud made a choice, ready to leave Paul Verlaine. With strong self-esteem, Paul Verlaine shoots Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud's palm with a gun. The mad love between the two was exposed and Paul Verlaine was jailed.
After Paul Verlaine was released from prison, the two climbed mountains together again. But at this time Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud has decided to break. He left Paul Verlaine, who still loved him, and went to Africa alone. After returning to France with a fatal tumor on his knee, he died silently in Marseilles.
Paul Verlaine, who heard the news of his death, was saddened. In front of him, Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, who had made his heartache, sat in a trance, stroking his hand. He remembered what Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud had said, "Eternity, I have found. That is the sun and the sea, each other." 
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  • Kayli 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    A world I can't understand. Leonardo DiCaprio can indeed rely on a face to eat.

  • Domenica 2022-03-22 09:03:00

    In fact, I don't really understand what the movie really wants to express. The most impressive one is that Verlaine went back to find his wife Rimbaud to chase after Leo's beauty. I felt that the beauty of leo was at its peak. The spines hurt each other, they are entangled, and they can't be separated from each other. The crazy feelings are vividly expressed. I want to read Rimbaud's poems and eat this Amway.

Total Eclipse quotes

  • Arthur Rimbaud: The only unbearable thing is that nothing is unbearable.

  • Arthur Rimbaud: Do you love me?

    Paul Verlaine: What?

    Arthur Rimbaud: Do you love me?

    Paul Verlaine: Yes...

    Arthur Rimbaud: Then put your hand on the table.

    Paul Verlaine: What?

    Arthur Rimbaud: Put your hand on the table.

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