Green Street Hooligans 2 evaluation action

2022-10-17 15:25
There are too many violent scenes in the film, punk music is throughout, and there is not too much modification to make the whole film look more natural. Although there is no clear justice in the film, I will be more inclined to these three brothers and sisters, when they are repaired When they beat their opponents, I would be outraged, and I would be outraged when they beat their opponents!
This may be a pleasure that can only be experienced by people who have experienced prison life.
This film may be harmonious in China, but a certain spirit of solidarity in the film may be an inspiration to this generation of young people. Inspirational films will always let you find a little bit of your own shadow in the film. I hope everyone can be as optimistic and confident as the characters in the film.
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Green Street Hooligans 2 quotes

  • Big Marc: [to Dave, Keith and Ned] Is it just the three of you minding the shop? What would little Petey say about that? Oh yeah - we fucking killed him.

  • Dave: [after taking a beating from Big Marc] You're no Pete Dunham.

    Big Marc: Oh, you missing your little Petey are ya?

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