White Squall movie plot

2022-06-22 18:27
" Xintiangong, Xintianyuan " will depart from St. George's Port in Bermudagrass this time , and is expected to arrive at Islas Galapagos in eight months . The 14 passengers on board were students from the Ocean Academy. They are of different nationalities and have different family backgrounds, but under the leadership of Captain Sheldon, they quickly learned the skills necessary for survival at sea, as well as the ability to self-discipline and get along, which is inseparable from the captain's example. However, just as the voyage was about to end, they encountered an invisible storm that all the seafarers could hear - the wind speed increased by more than ten meters in one second. In the white White Squall, the survival rate is said to be only 1 in 10,000. 
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  • Ollie 2022-06-22 20:12:49

    The young men's military training at sea has sharpened their minds, cultivated team spirit, and learned to grow in a real disaster. Lao Lei made another nautical film after "Columbus". This time he focused on the wind and waves in the journey. The sometimes quiet and sometimes crazy sea is the best school for teenagers. On the main line, a charismatic teacher influences a group of teenagers with different personalities, which is reminiscent of "Dead Poets Society" (the teacher in "Dead Poets Society" also calls himself the captain, and the embrace of the captain and the teenagers in court is also You can match the ending of Dead Poets Society). The scenes of the teenagers are actually not interesting or even hypocritical (the episode that broke the part is still quite interesting), and it didn't touch me as much as the scene where Bridges and his wife faced each other across the cabin (actually, from the time they were there. I have a bad feeling about dancing sweetly at the ball). I really didn't recognize Bridges' beardless look though.

  • Lila 2022-06-22 11:45:38

    I watched it on Pearl TV when I was in junior high school, I liked Ryan Phillippe because of this film (girly feelings: x)

White Squall quotes

  • [Chuck Talking to Captain Sheldon during the Trial]

    Chuck: You told us where we go one we go all, well we believed you, we lived by it, Sir. And now your saying where you go we can't follow.

  • Chuck: The Albatross wasn't just a ship or a school, it was something that we made, something that's inside of us. That's who you are Skipper, what you gave us you carried us, now let us carry this together. Let us carry this together.

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