A Coffee in Berlin evaluation action

2022-02-04 08:14
The black and white tones in "oh boy" make the film involuntarily show a real sense of vicissitudes. The magic weapon of jazz is shown at the beginning of the film. It does not play literature and art, and does not pretend to be deep. The shifting of the camera lens has been performed until the end. The seemingly twists and turns are actually the most common and real, and there are very few artistic modifications. What the film shows is not just the so-called ideological trend with strong personal characteristics, but more of a boy's perspective to reflect the current spiritual outlook and living conditions of the Germans. The wind and rain, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, do not belong to boys, but to those ordinary Berliners. The most ingenious part of the film is that under the bleak reality, a little bit of light is set up. The boy is not the protagonist. The real protagonist is all the Berliners who met on this day except him. The audience is the meaning of walking   .
"Oh boy" uses comedy techniques to show the audience the living conditions of contemporary Berlin young people through some trivial life stories of young male Nick Fisher, which reflects a kind of understanding and tolerance of human nature. Nick can be described as a typical diaosi young man in a German city. Although the protagonist is so boring, he can make the audience feel sympathetic to Nick who is doing nothing on the screen, and it especially resonates strongly with young people in the same situation. The cool black and white images, the lazy and sad jazz soundtrack, the unmotivated protagonist and the innocuous jokes make the film have a certain Woody Allen movie atmosphere. The black and white film shooting is undoubtedly a highlight, giving people a strong Nostalgic feeling   .
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Extended Reading
  • Herta 2022-04-22 07:01:56

    Before entering the theater, I was still talking to others about the meaning of literary films. At the end of the film, I suddenly realized: Sometimes we want to see some works that are labeled as "literary", maybe because we live in one place and face each other. In a world with emotional disorders, there is an urgent need for an environment full of emotions in every detail, involuntarily, just like the male protagonist always looking for a cup of coffee to drink. Although we'll continue to wear that dull mask after that.

  • Cristina 2022-03-28 09:01:14

    Berlin Film Critics said that this debut feature has Jarmusch and a distinct Woody Allen style, witty humorous interjection tells the day of a confused German young man and outlines all aspects of German society, and the black and white jazz tone ends too well! Whether it's wandering around for a day without coffee or always having smoke and no fire is a deep anxiety...

A Coffee in Berlin quotes

  • Julika Hoffmann: [to a thug] what kinda guy are you? Let me guess. You were born an alcoholic because your mom couldn't stay off the booze during her pregnancy. How could she, when she got beaten up by daddy when he came home from the pub?

  • Café-Shop Angestellte: So, what it'll be?

    Niko Fischer: Coffee, please.

    Café-Shop Angestellte: To go, right?


    Café-Shop Angestellte: What kind?

    Niko Fischer: Just normal coffee.

    Café-Shop Angestellte: Wanna try something new? Today's special is the Marocchino. For 2 Euros extra, you get a doughnut or a seed roll, all homemade and organic.

    Niko Fischer: I think I'll stick with the coffee.

    Café-Shop Angestellte: Sure, we've got two kinds: the Arabica and the Columbia Morning.

    Niko Fischer: Which coffee tastes most like a regular coffee?

    Café-Shop Angestellte: I like both.

    Niko Fischer: I'll take the Columbia.

    Café-Shop Angestellte: The Columbia, then.


    Café-Shop Angestellte: You want milk. We've got soy milk.

    Niko Fischer: No, thanks.

    Café-Shop Angestellte: Okay, then. Three Euros forty, please.

    Niko Fischer: Without today's special. Just the coffee.

    Café-Shop Angestellte: Yes, three forty.

    Niko Fischer: Three forty for a regular coffee?

    Café-Shop Angestellte: Yeah, that's the Columbia.

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