La Piscine evaluation action

2022-10-22 15:14
Jacques Duret is known as the "French Hitchcock", and Alain Delon is his favorite. The two have collaborated in a total of 10 films since this popular masterpiece. Since every household in the villa community has The Sinners, the continuous The Sinners has become the main scene of brewing a thrilling atmosphere under the bright sunlight, which is quite unique in similar movies. As for the dramatic attraction, it mainly comes from Jean-Paul, played by Delon, who actually hides evil ambitions under his stunning healthy smile, thus creating suspense and contradictions that make the film full of dramatic tension.
A film made by Alain Delon and Romy Schneider . At this time, it is already after their golden boy and girl era. Although their love has passed away, they are not old yet. It is the pinnacle of their youth, just right. There is no sophistication, but has begun to have some emotional look. The directors showed off their perfect bodies as much as possible, and most of the scenes took place on The Sinners side, which is easy to imagine. The film showcases the beauty of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider in their youthful heyday.
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La Piscine quotes

  • Jean-Paul: You talk a lot about the others, but never a word about Harry.

    Marianne: Because there's nothing to tell.

  • Marianne: The first swim of the year always tires you out.

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