Lady Snowblood movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
Tokugawa Shogunate fell, and Japan entered an era of enlightened democracy. However , there is still corruption and greed in the Meiji period government, the army and even the merchants. The blood tax riot broke out in the eighth year of Meiji. The elementary school teacher Kashima Go (played bywas attacked by rioting farmers while traveling with his family. Kashima and his son Shirowere brutally killed, and his wife Sayawas attacked by the mob. After that, Xiao Ye killed a thug at the right time. After being imprisoned, she had fornicated with prison guards and officials, and she did everything possible to give birth to a daughter, named Xue Ji, and handed over the mission of revenge for the family to her daughter. The inmates sympathized with Xiaoye's experience, and tried their best to entrust Xue Ji to the monk minister Dao Hai, a monk with high martial arts skills. Twenty years later, Shurayukihime, who bears great hatred, comes to the world with blood and blood.
The film is adapted from the original manga byこいけかずお( manga script ) and Kazuo Uemura (painting), and the theme song and storyline were later used by Quentin Tarantino in " Kill Bill Vol.1 ". 
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Lady Snowblood quotes

  • Yuki Kashima: Look at me closely. Do I look like someone you raped?

  • Narrator: People say you can't wash away the mud of this world with pure white snow. You need asura snow - stained fiery red.

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