Largo Winch II evaluation action

2022-07-13 17:58
"Largo Winch II" not only has the romantic love between the rich second generation and the poor family daughter, but also the gunfight of life and death disputes, as well as the world scenery including Hong Kong, France, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries and regions. The tense, romantic ones seem more alien and more thrilling. The rhythm of the story is fast, the plot is ups and downs, and the plot is compact. It can be said that it is the most "Hollywood" action commercial film in French films in recent years   .
The film has its own uniqueness in action scenes, film rhythm, and plot settings. In addition to the tension and excitement, the romance and unique humor of France are also the biggest highlights of the film   .
"Largo Winch II" focuses on love and action. Since it is called "life and death love", the love story of heroes and beauties is naturally indispensable. Against the background of such a thrilling and exciting story, the film breaks the habit of traditional action films that simply pursue visual effects, and attaches high-level blasting pictures and high-IQ commercial conspiracy to the protagonist's love, making this love pass through. After the smoke of the war and the sinister people's hearts, they are triumphant in front of the audience, providing a chance for the nervous audience to relax, and making the narrative rhythm of the whole film seem relaxed   .
The film not only covers all elements of action movies such as conspiracy, revenge, escape, adventure, and money, but also depicts tender and delicate storylines such as love, family, friendship and hope. "Largo Winch II" deduces such a love story with foreshadowing, development, turning points, and mixed family interests and hatred: it is only when there is revenge, there is conspiracy; when there is pursuit, there is fighting; There is a world tour; only by being hunted can you find true love   .
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