Largo Winch II movie plot

2022-07-13 22:46
Largo Winch inherited a stake in the W Group following the death of his adoptive father. In the face of a huge legacy, Largo decided to sell the W Group after taking over the company and used all the funds to establish a humanitarian organization and a charitable fund in order to help as many poor and sick people as possible. But as Largo signed a deal to sell his shares on the high seas, police surrounded his ship. The servant who had been searching for his adoptive father for many years was also killed in the cabin. Lago is accused of being involved in a criminal case involving a massacre in a Burmese village, and the mysterious witness to testify turns out to be Lago's lover, Pan Ram. She loves why Lago did this, and when she learns that she has been sent back to Myanmar after giving evidence, Lago is desperate to save her and go back to the Myanmar where she lived to investigate the truth. Unexpectedly, there is a huge conspiracy behind this. In the face of numerous traps and pursuits, the wise and brave Lago cleverly used the mysterious "Pandora" account to transfer one euro, attracting the attention of the police. When the truth gradually came to light, the real black man behind the scenes could no longer sit still. He turned out to be Lago. The most reliable and trustworthy friend   .
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