Last Chance Harvey movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
Harvey's dream is to be an excellent jazz pianist, but the reality is that he is an arranger of commercial songs in a music studio in New York. The boss is very dissatisfied with his work and has long planned to fire him. , but looking at the past, he gave Harvey, who was middle-aged, another chance, provided that no more mistakes could be made.
Harvey was planning to go to London for his estranged daughter's wedding, where his ex-wife had rented a place for all his relatives and friends to rest, but had forgotten about Harvey. Harvey hurried to London for a rehearsal for his daughter's wedding, but wore a rumpled gown that didn't even bother with the details of his tie. After Harvey's series of bad performances angered her daughter, she finally decided to walk into church with her stepfather holding her hand. And due to the delay of the wedding, Harvey was unable to take the plane back to work on time, and he finally received a call from his boss-he was fired.
Kate works as a household investigator at Heathrow Airport, a job as dull and monotonous as her own life. Her job is to ask unidentified travelers some stylized questions at airport gates. Every day she faced unfriendly, uncooperative, and even a little gruff faces. On top of that, she has a neurotic mother who constantly harasss Kate on the phone because she suspects the next-door neighbor is a murderer who will kill with an axe. A well-meaning colleague deliberately arranged a blind date for Kate, but it was difficult for her to find a common topic with the person she introduced, so she has always been alone. For her, life seemed to have no reason to be happy.
However, it was just like this two people who were equally distressed and frustrated in life met at the airport. After the meeting, the two had a long talk, walked in the park, went to the Thames River to release their feelings, until they hugged each other's shoulders and cried, Count the misfortunes and troubles they have encountered in their lives. In this way, the two long-dry hearts were nourished, and the seeds of love began to germinate in each other's hearts. 
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Extended Reading
  • Annie 2022-04-04 09:01:07

    No matter how strong a lonely heart is, it needs another heart to nourish

  • Laverna 2022-04-04 09:01:07

    Watch this movie again... things are different...

Last Chance Harvey quotes

  • Kate Walker: I had a lovely time, Harvey, and I like you - I really do. But you know, I don't really do fountains at noon either. I mean, I live in - Well, I live in Wilton Greens, and you live wherever you...

    Harvey Shine: I live in White Plains.

    Kate Walker: Exactly. And Monday morning, life kicks in, and we're not teenagers. Got a life and our jobs and our family and everything, and I had a lovely time. I won't forget it. Thank you. But...

    Harvey Shine: What?

    Kate Walker: Well, it's not, you know, real life.

    Harvey Shine: It is.

    Kate Walker: No, it isn't, Harvey.

    Harvey Shine: It is.

    Kate Walker: No, it's not, Harvey.

    Harvey Shine: No, it is real life. It's real life for me.

    Kate Walker: No, no. I know. I know. But it's not just about you, is it? It's about me, as well. You don't know anything about me. Look at me. I mean, it's pathetic. I actually expected you not to show. In fact, I think I actually almost wanted you not to show because it's just sort of easier that way. You know, you just dive in there. You just whoosh anywhere. It's the deep end and I'm not a bloody swimming pool, Harvey, and I'm not - I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do it because it'll hurt. Sometime or other there'll be, you know, it's not working, or I need my space, or whatever it is and it will end, and it will hurt, and I won't do it. I won't do it, and I won't...

    [walks away crying]

  • Kate Walker: [answers cell phone] Mum, I love you, but not now.

    Harvey Shine: Should I take that as a hopeful sign?

    [Kate snickers and smiles a little]

    Harvey Shine: If you give me just a little wider smile.

    Kate Walker: [laughs] Oh, shut up, Harvey. So how's this going to work, Mr. Shine?

    Harvey Shine: I have absolutely no idea. But it will. I promise you that.

    Kate Walker: Shall we walk?

    Harvey Shine: Yes.

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