Late Spring movie plot

2022-02-02 08:03
Zhou Ji, a 56-year-old professor at the University of Tokyo, and Onodera, a 55-year-old professor at Kyoto University, are good friends, but unfortunately they both lost their wives in recent years. They both have a lovely daughter. Onodera married another bride and lived with his 21-year-old daughter Misako. Zhou Ji has yet to resume the string, and lives with the 27-year-old Zeng Gong Noriko. Zhou Ji was full of love for his daughter, and Noriko was very considerate to his father, which made Zhou Ji make up for and relieved spiritually after his wife's death.
One day, Noriko met Onodera on the way to the hospital to see a doctor, and the two went to a restaurant to eat together. During the banquet, Noriko asked, "Uncle, I heard that you have married a wife?" Onodera pretended to be serious and said, "Yes, married." After hearing this, Noriko said bluntly, Misako was pitiful, and said uncle Impure and dirty. In her opinion, how annoying it is to discuss a new wife again!
They talked and laughed to the Noriko family. Zhou Ji saw his old friend coming, and asked with concern: "How is Misako?" Onodera told him, "That guy didn't know where he heard it, saying that marriage is the grave of life, and he vowed never to marry before the age of twenty-four. Hearing what she said, I also felt that it was the case, so I had to go with her." Zhou Ji mobilized him to make arrangements for her as soon as possible, and get things done as soon as possible.
However, Zhou Ji was busy with work for a long time and did not take it very seriously about his daughter's life-long event. One day, Noriko's aunt Masa Taguchi came and talked about her niece's marriage. Only then did the father feel that his daughter was Time to find someone. Shinsa asked how the relationship between Noriko and his assistant Masaichi Hattori was. Zhou Ji said that Noriko didn’t seem to be picky about him. Usually the two were very natural and communicated freely. Shinsa suggested that you might as well ask Noriko what she thinks about Hattori. Zhou Ji also thinks it makes sense.
That day, Noriko and Hattori rode their bicycles to the outer suburbs for a drive. Back home, Zhou Ji asked her this question. He asked her in a roundabout way what she thought of Hattori as a husband, and Noriko replied, Hattori is very nice and kind, and as a husband it must be fine. Zhou Ji said, "Aunt has an idea." When Noriko heard what he meant, she burst out laughing and said, "Hattobe has already been engaged, and is about to get married!"
Noriko's classmate Kitagawa Aya saw her coming. Aya is a typist who recently divorced her husband. As soon as the two met, they chatted affectionately, and the topic naturally turned to the marriage of the classmates. Aya said, "There are only two of the classmates who are not married yet, so hurry up and get married!" Noriko said, "You left. Marriage, I don't have the right to say such things." Aya said, "If I have the qualifications, I will only drop a point. Next time I have to play a good ball." After Kiko heard this, she was a little surprised.
Aunt Masa was worried about Noriko's marriage, and made a special trip to introduce her to her in a few days. The person she introduced was surnamed Satake, a science graduate of the University of Tokyo, 34 years old this year, working in Nippon Chemical Industries, Ltd. She said that she has a good reputation in the company and looks like a talented person, so she is an ideal candidate.
But Kiko said she didn't want to get married. Because if I go away, my father's life will definitely be difficult.
"Anyway, your father has to find someone. The Aunt Sanluen Qiuzi you saw was also a decent wife, very capable, interesting and noble, but her husband died, and she had no children, and her life was bleak. You How does it look?"
"I'm going to ask Dad about it."
"Your father didn't show any reluctance."
"Then there is no need to ask me."
The aunt was warm, the niece was cold, and the conversation ended fruitlessly.
For several days after that, Noriko felt gloomy, and she didn't answer her father's questions. Once the father and daughter went to see Noh at the Noh Theater, and Akiko Miwa sat opposite. Zhou Ji nodded and greeted her, and Noriko remembered her aunt's words and paid close attention to their every move. Showing an uneasy look, after the show, she left her father for some reason and left, and Zhou Ji noticed that her daughter was in a bad mood. Looking at his daughter's disappearing figure, he couldn't help falling into contemplation.
Noriko did not go home immediately, but went to Kitagawa Aya's house and asked to learn shorthand from her. Ling felt abrupt at her request and asked her what her plans were, but she refused to say it clearly. So Ling threw a bucket of cold water on her: "I also started doing this because I was divorced and my face was not good. You, don't you have to get married happily!"
When she returned home after a touch of ash, her father told her that she had just received a letter from her aunt asking her to meet Satake on Saturday. After Kiko heard it, she wanted to walk away without a word, and Zhou Ji immediately stopped her. Lovingly persuaded her, "I've seen this man Satake too, he's dignified and personable. I think if you find such a person, you probably won't be dissatisfied. You can't go on like this forever, sooner or later. Gotta get married."
"I'd love to be with Daddy just like that."
"That won't work. Of course, Dad would love to keep you by his side, but Dad only cares about his own convenience, relies too much on you, and has been reluctant to let you go. I feel sorry for you in my heart. If you don't get married, Dad will be embarrassed. "
Noriko was very moved after hearing this. She said that after she left, her father would not take care of her life well. She lived a so-so life, she would not change her clothes when it got dirty, she forgot to shave in the morning, and she ate mushy meals every day, so how could she be at ease. Zhou Ji immediately hesitated and said that after she left, he could find someone else to take care of her, so that she would not worry about it. Noriko asked if she wanted to marry the wife she met at the theater today, and Zhou Ji gave a vague "um". When Noriko heard this, she immediately ran upstairs to her room and cried secretly.
Noriko came to Beichuan Aya's house again, and as soon as she saw Aya's face, she said, "It's annoying to look at each other!" Aya urged her to say, "Generally speaking, men can't be expected. But they are cunning. Get married. I've said all the good things in the past, and let people see the advantages, but after getting married, there are very annoying shortcomings. What kind of love and marriage is simply unreliable, you might as well marry and see, if it's not good, you can get divorced and give it a bit of care. Anyway, try to marry him and smile at him, so the other party will definitely fall in love with you, so let him be obedient to you."
These "marriage admonitions" made Ji Zi's heart skip a beat. She couldn't resist the situation in front of her. When she got home, she saw that her aunt had been waiting for her for a long time, so she agreed coldly.
Kyoto in late spring, the scenery is lush. After Noriko agreed to marry Satake, Zhou Ji came here with his daughter, one to say goodbye to Onodera and others, and the other to take a trip. They met Onodera's new wife, 38-year-old Kiku. It was a virtuous and beautiful woman, who courteously and warmly entertained Zhou Ji and Kiko and her daughter. Misako leaned against them affectionately, and the whole family was full of intimacy and harmony. Onodera remembered the last time Noriko said he was "impure", smiled and teased Noriko, asking her to talk about her current feelings, Noriko turned her head away in embarrassment.
The next day, Zhou Ji and Onodera sat and chatted together. Onodera said, "Are you really willing to let Noriko get married?" Zhou Ji nodded and said with emotion: "If you want children, it's better to be a boy, and a girl is no good - it's easy to raise, and then you have to Get married. When you are not married, you are worried that you will not be able to get married, but once you are about to get married, you will feel uncomfortable." Onodera said, "There is no way to do that. We married girls who were raised by other people!" Zhou Ji said: " That's true." The two laughed together, and there was loneliness in their laughter.
The night before returning home, Zhou Ji said to Noriko: "I knew this earlier, I should take you on a tour around the world. This is the last time you and Dad go out. Let Satake-kun take you around and let him go on a tour. I love you so much!" After hearing this, Noriko changed her mind again, she said, "I would like to be with my father like this. It doesn't matter if my father has a wife, I still want to stay by my father's side, because I like my father. I don't think you will be happier after getting married." Zhou Ji persuaded her again: Dad is 56 years old, and his life is almost over, but you are just beginning, you have to create a new life yourself, marriage itself is not happiness, the couple creates a A new life will bring happiness in the process!
With his father's affectionate instructions, Noriko embarked on a new path in life. On the day of his wedding with Satake, relatives and friends came to celebrate. On their way home from attending the wedding banquet, Zhou Ji and Aya came to the "Doshi River" restaurant. Ling said: "Uncle will be lonely for a while in the future." Zhou Ji said, "Not necessarily, maybe he will get used to it soon." Ling said again: "Uncle, do you want to marry a wife? Kiko seems to be most worried. That's it!" Then he said, "Don't marry, what are you doing with that! Don't marry me!" Zhou Ji replied with a smile, "Well, I won't!" Get married!
Hearing what he said, Ling suddenly turned over Zhou Ji's head and kissed him on the forehead, making Zhou Ji stunned.
"Uncle is amazing! I'm very touched! You won't be lonely. If you are lonely, I will often come to your house!"
"Xiao Ling, really, uncle is waiting for you, really come!" 
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Extended Reading
  • Waylon 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Ozu, who has never been married and has been a mother-in-law, expresses the meaning of "filial piety" and "happiness" in the relationship between father and daughter. Ozu's films are always full of filial piety, and often discuss the concept of marriage, while Ozu himself is a workaholic. This is his "spirit of sacrifice". PS The Hara Setsuko laughing is really good-looking, Kasa Zhizhong's shyness, and Sugimura Haruko's matchmaker temperament~

  • Arturo 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Girls back then were so pretty.

Late Spring quotes

  • Aya Kitagawa: Everything is divine providence.

  • Noriko Somiya: Who are you to lecture me about marriage?

    Aya Kitagawa: I'm an authority on the subject.

    Noriko Somiya: Authority? You're a divorcee.

    Aya Kitagawa: So what? I only have one "out". Next time I'll get a run.

    Noriko Somiya: Still stepping up to bat?

    Aya Kitagawa: Why not? I just struck out. Next time I'll crack it out of the park.

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