Le Havre evaluation action

2022-03-30 08:01
"Wenxin Harbor" outlines the twists and turns of the characters' fate with concise and solemn audition language   . The film interprets the topic of "immigration" into a political fairy tale, and cleverly switches between presenting French social reality and "retro" film style   . The film inherits the director's consistent humorous style, and the black, blunt and cold humorous comedy has a remarkable effect. The mix of various types of films in the film has formed a peculiar audio-visual effect   . The style of the film is unpretentious   . Whether it is a tavern or a residence for the lower-class citizens, there is a minimalist style, as if it is still stuck in the socialist period. The costumes of the characters also reflect simplicity. Although it is describing life at the bottom, the director always gives them a clean, tidy and solemn state when portraying the proletarian people   .
"Wenxin Harbor" exhibits an external humor that is expressed through dialogue and scenes at the same time   . Every character in the film, including the protagonist, has the quality of "self-deprecating", and when this quality is presented in the language of the camera lens, it is a highly stylized humor   . Compared to the hidden humor, the humor in the film is warmer and brighter. Rather than a dreamy raving of the ego, the film achieves the irony that needs to be performed through the characters' nagging dialogue. However, the film also has its shortcomings. The power of creating atmosphere by blank and still pictures, which the director is best at, is weakened by the excessive dialogue in the film   .
"Le Havre" transports the viewer into a world that feels familiar but unfamiliar. Everything about this story is very heavy and brutal. However, the director did not approach the story with realism. With the warm tones created by the camera, the film's story goes perfectly. On the other hand, the actors' performances also have some traces of stage performances, and some movements and expressions will show some deliberate exaggeration. However, all of this is to increase the fantasy color of the film   .
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