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2022-03-30 08:01
Marcelis a writer known for his bohemianism. He went to the port city of Wenxin Harbor to live in seclusion and became a shoe shiner. The noble but poorly paid job made him feel closer to the masses. Just as he gave up his career as a writer and was content to enjoy the simple life of a nearby restaurant, a shoe-shine stand, and his wife, Alti, fate pushed an immigrant child from Africa to him. At the same time, his wife Altineeds to be bedridden due to a serious illness, and Marcel has to face the warmth and coldness of humanity again. Fortunately, he was born with an optimistic personality, and his neighbors also gave him enthusiastic help. The police's tighter control of asylum boys has made him feel oppressed by Western human rights countries   .
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  • Letitia 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    1. The most warm and heart-warming Aki, except for the whistleblower next door, who is a guest star of Jean-Pierre Leaud, all the members are good-hearted people. After the false alarm at the end of the double line, everyone is happy, like a god Tragedy - This just fits with the passage where the male protagonist polishes the shoes of the priest outside the church (talking about [Matthew's Gospel] "But Christ still came to the world"), another interesting irony is that the shoe shiner mocks his own profession "The most disrespectful of [the Sermon on the Mount]," no wonder the film won the Catholic Humane Award at Cannes - special mention (laughs). 2. Discuss the issue of smuggling refugees, but there is no bitterness or hatred. Although the studio moved to France, he is still familiar with Aki. The minimalist atmosphere is like Bresson, and the empty mirror transitions and the ending cherry blossoms are like Ozu, as elegant as Ozu. The oil paintings are cold with warm colors, as well as retro furnishings and nostalgic tones. 3. See also the record player and the radio, Bob's rock concert is really good! 4. The little Bob in the bar was hidden in the darkness alone. When his wife came, the two were instantly bathed in light, and the lyrical music sounded, which was very moving. 5.- "Why should I trust you?" - "Because I have blue eyes." (8.5/10)

  • Dejuan 2022-03-31 09:01:09

    The first big-screen Kaurismaki work. Great OST. The setting of helping smuggled black teenagers, no matter how you look at it, is a bit vulgar, but I really like the life attitude of making fun of hardships, and the image tone that hides warmth in coldness. At one time, I thought of the movie as desperate, for example, my wife who felt colic would definitely die, but in the end, the cherry blossoms bloomed.

Le Havre quotes

  • Marcel Marx: L'argent circule au crepuscule.

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