Life Is a Miracle evaluation action

2022-03-20 08:01
"Life Is A Miracle" gives the dream a natural and incorruptible attitude, but dilutes the nonsense and absurdity with the banality and humor of reality. The seemingly opposite but coexisting contradictions in the life of the film. In the multifaceted confrontation between husband and wife, wife and lover, postman and engineer, son and lover, life drives toward a combination of coldness and tenderness. Although the antagonism between the various races of Yugoslavia and the antagonism between the two sides of the war that is implicit in it has been diluted by life, the language of yearning for peace displayed in the image is still clearly visible.
"Life Is A Miracle" is not only a simple light comedy of life, it also carries the director's complex psychology. Kusturica does not maintain an implicit value for war. Although he does not want to touch the essence of war, he reflects the melancholy of leaving his hometown. Even if the two escaped from their homeland at the end, the son who represents the unbreakable family love is still there. The hometown is waiting for the homeland. Not only is there a miracle at the end of the film, but the contradiction between life and dream runs through layers of sparks throughout the film. It is in the midst of twists and turns and new paths that Kusturica's characters have a sense of helplessness and fate   .
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  • Eduardo 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    The war-torn Yugoslavia has created such a colorful imagination, and the story of my brother is amazing

  • Julie 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    There are black cats and white cats that look good, and the style is still very old. The heroine smiles so beautifully~

Life Is a Miracle quotes

  • Luka: You are starting to burrow into my heart.

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