Laurel Canyon evaluation action

2022-03-18 08:01
The rhythm of the whole film is gentle, the center of the story is prominent, and the structure is relatively compact. The only thing that makes people uncomfortable is that the film uses too many sexual scenes and foul language, but this is only to further illustrate the theme of the film. Which type of lifestyle do people prefer? Is it hedonistic, happy and carefree? Or prefer a serious, traditional, hard-working life? In fact, the vast majority of people will not or cannot choose between the two, but will find a compromise between the two. In the process of searching, the film shows the audience an extreme way of life and the special charm brought by this way of life. It can also be said that this fanatical extreme film is in pursuit of a so-called perfect moral system, just like Sam in the film. The inner contradictions and conflicts of the characters, persistence and transformation are very shockingly interpreted by the director. In fact, many times in life, you will face a choice like a movie. In fact, there is no right or wrong, only suitable and unsuitable   .
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Laurel Canyon quotes

  • Alex: What do you want me to do?

    Ian McKnight: Finish it.

  • Sam: Why did you break up with Bobby? I thought Bobby was the real thing

    Jane: Well, then I got to know him.

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