Laurel Canyon movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
"Laurel Canyon" is a street that cuts through the center of Hollywood and is a gathering place for many actors, musicians, and artists. Here lives a brilliant record producer Jane. Middle-aged Jane is promoting a British band whose young lead singer is her lover Ian.
Jane's son Samand his girlfriend Alexare both graduating students from Harvard Medical School. Because of Jane's promise, Sam decides to take his girlfriend to his mother's apartment to finish his final studies. When the results arrived, Sam was dismayed to find that Jane and the band had to rehearse at all times, and it was very noisy. At the same time, he also realized that his mother's unrestrained lifestyle was very different from the orthodox education he received and could not be integrated. So Sam and Alex agreed to leave this crazy place as soon as they found a suitable apartment. Although Sam still sticks to her own way of life, Alex is gradually attracted to Jane and Ian's ego state, and eventually she leaves Sam to go rafting with another medical student, Sarah   .
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  • Muriel 2022-04-21 09:03:49

    Very nice sketch that is actually much bigger than a lot of so called porn

  • Lionel 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    Bell wears a white coat and is all handsome. The development of Kate's line in the second half of the plot is really unexpected. . .

Laurel Canyon quotes

  • Alex: What do you want me to do?

    Ian McKnight: Finish it.

  • Sam: Why did you break up with Bobby? I thought Bobby was the real thing

    Jane: Well, then I got to know him.

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