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2022-03-18 08:01
"Metropolis", a manga created by Osamu Tezuka, was re-adapted by Otomo Keyo. In addition to retaining the original main story, it also strengthened the problems encountered by humans in the age of technology, and highlighted the inner conflict between humans and robots. The film strongly satirizes the extreme form of industrial society development in a sci-fi way, showing that when the worship of machines exceeds a certain limit, the conflict between human nature and machines will be fully revealed. In the film, in the process of Kenichi's heroic act, the hero himself is unaware of his heroic act. A heroic act that was originally a heroic act was handled by the director into a very personal and emotional tragedy. Is in love. Embodies the brilliance of human nature.  
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  • Claud 2022-03-24 09:03:51

    Epilepsy groups protested after the British Olympic Organizing Committee aired a promotional video, saying patients had convulsions when they saw the colour jumping. This film should also be marked with the words "under 18 years old" and staghorn patients refused. The change of color blocks is dizzy and unbearable. The cruelty when raising the gun is not the tone of the cartoon at all. At the end, the old bridge saved by the cantilever was broken, which was a little sensational, and finally fell and died. god bless man

  • Jamison 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    Children's sci-fi + straight male romance, there are always some bridges that you think can save a natural girl, hold her hand, go かないで, and move yourself to tears, thinking that you have saved the world. The most shocking part of the whole film is actually the scene of the fire-fighting robot rushing to the scene. Once the small water pipe is connected, huh huh huh, it makes me sober.

Metropolis quotes

  • Rock: Really? So, what are you then? A human?

  • Rock: Well, If you are a human? Who's your Father?

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